Administrative Office

About the Structure
Conceived in the mid-1970s, as 1 of 3 pilot programs in the State of Illinois, the administrative support staff was limited in scope. Since then, the court’s administrative organization has grown in size, service, and support to the court and the community. The Administrative Office of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit is structured so that all administrative functions operate within a unified system, providing better coordination, communication, and efficiencies. This structure also enhances the capacity of the court to be more flexible and adaptable in providing quality service and programs to our constituents while meeting the ever-changing needs of the community.

Current Divisions

The current structure was adopted by the court in 1988. It was restructured in 1995 and again in 2008, when additional organizational adjustments were instituted. It is headed by an executive director and is comprised of 6 separate divisions:
A director leads each division. In addition, 2 core support units provide technical support to the judges and each of the divisions. These directors and managers work with the executive director to assist the Chief Judge in providing a broad range of professional services to the court. The remainder of this section will articulate the functional responsibilities for each of these areas.

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