Mission Statement

Supportive Statement
The Division of Psychological Services supports the mission of the Court by providing diagnostic information and psychological services to the Court, consumers, and the public that ensures the independence and empowerment of the judicial system, the integrity and fairness of its decisions, and responsiveness to the needs of the community.

  • To provide accurate psychological evaluations and reports, expert testimony, sound professional recommendations, and other information as requested by the Court in order to assist in the fair and timely resolution of disputes presented before the justice system.
  • To provide a comprehensive assessment process for criminal offenders and other Court consumers in order to facilitate timely, evidence-based interventions that are consistent with the correctional and rehabilitative needs of the individual, as well as the safety of the community.
  • To provide evidence-based, psychological treatment services and interventions for adult and juvenile offenders, including family members and significant-others as appropriate, in order to reduce criminal recidivism, increase compliance with court orders, and improve overall psycho-social functioning.
  • To facilitate continuing education programs regarding psychological, rehabilitative, correctional, and other resource issues to judges, Court staff, other justice system stakeholders, and community groups in order to improve service delivery throughout the justice system.