Court Interpreters

About the Services
The Nineteenth Judicial Circuit employs interpreters on both a permanent and contractual basis. The qualifications for a court interpreter include command of both the English and the non-English language, including familiarity with legal terminology, as well as the ability to perform three major types of interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive, and sight.

Court interpreters take an oath to interpret accurately and to the best of their ability. They are expected to translate from the source-language to English and English to the source-language exactly as stated in an impartial manner, without embellishing or omitting words. Court interpreters are also expected to be of the highest moral character.

Spanish Interpreting

Ethnic diversity continues to grow in Lake County. Interpreters are being used more and more extensively throughout all branches of the Lake County courts, with Spanish being the most frequently requested language. In 2008, Spanish interpreter services were expanded to the family court division for child support cases.

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