Therapeutic Intensive Monitoring (TIM) Unit

In July 2005 the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit established the Drug Court component of the Therapeutic Intensive Monitoring (TIM) Court.  In January 2007 Mental Health Court was started and in 2011 the Veterans Treatment and Assistance Court was established for veterans. The mission of the TIM program is to reduce crime, enhance public safety and reduce jail populations by providing a comprehensive treatment and supervision plan.  Each component of TIM Court has an established multidisciplinary team consisting of treatment professionals, probation officials, judges, assistant state’s attorneys and assistant public defenders.

The Adult Probation’s TIM Unit supervises all clients of Drug Court, Mental Health Court and Veteran’s Treatment and Assistance Court (VTAC). Each Court is assigned a Probation Officer that acts as the TIM Court Coordinator.  The TIM Court Coordinator prepares weekly agendas and chairs Mental Health Court, Drug Court and VTAC staffing meetings. Staffing meetings include members from multidisciplinary teams that support each court. Members of the Probation Field Supervision Unit augment supervision in the community to all three courts. The TIM Court Program has received supplemental funding though two SAMHSA grants, one BJA grant, and annual Adult Redeploy grants.  Each grant involves significant administrative duties which are managed by Adult Probation staff.