Adult Pretrial Unit


The Adult Pretrial Unit is responsible for pretrial investigations and pretrial bond supervision. The objective of the Adult Pretrial Unit is to assist the court in making informed decisions regarding the release of defendants back into the community during the pendency of their case. Furthermore, the Unit provides community-based monitoring for defendants who have been deemed as appropriate for release on pretrial bond supervision and those who were able to post the necessary bond. 

Members of the investigative unit are responsible for interviewing, investigating, verifying and compiling information regarding defendants’ backgrounds. The areas included in this investigation include: employment, education, use and abuse of drugs and/or alcohol and other substances, mental and physical condition, residential stability and family dynamics. The pretrial bond investigator utilizes both subjective and objective information gathered from the background information obtained, the data gathered from a risk assessment instrument to formulate recommendations and provide a comprehensive report to the courts. 

Pretrial bond officers monitor defendants who have been placed on pretrial bond supervision as ordered by the Court. Compliance with the terms of pretrial supervision is of paramount concern. Utilizing home visiting, curfew calls, and surveillance, the pretrial bond supervision officers provides services during traditional hours, evenings, weekends, and holidays. Infractions of any type are brought to the attention of the court.