Help Desk Support

Technical Support Services
JIT provides 24/7 Help Desk support for any technical support such as:
  • Workstations
  • Telephones
  • Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf (TDD)
  • Printers
  • Facsimile machines
  • Copiers
  • LAN/WAN/Mainframe network security
  • Application support
JIT performs work in researching, evaluating, implementing, maintaining, and training in the various software and hardware systems at the user level.

Equipment Responsibilities
In total, JIT is responsible for 363 workstations, 19 laptop computers, 40 network printers, numerous stand-alone printers, and various multimedia devices to include 12 plasma screens, 6 LCD screens, 3 3M Digital Wall Displays, 5 permanently installed multi-media presentation podiums, 6 multi-media mobile presentation podiums and audio/video technology distributed in 12 courtrooms and 4 training rooms. JIT services and supports the following divisions and personnel:
  • Judicial Operations: Judges, court reporters, administrative staff, the compliance unit, the jury commission, the law library, Kids’ Korner, and the arbitration unit
  • Core Support Services staff: Judicial human resources, judicial budget and finance, judicial research, and legal research services
  • The 3 branch traffic courts: Mundelein, Park City, and the North Branch Court in Round Lake Beach
  • Psychological Services and all Adult Probation units: Including Pretrial Services
  • The Depke Juvenile Justice Complex in Vernon Hills: 2 juvenile courtrooms, probation and detention services, and the FACE-IT juvenile program
Other Support
In addition, JIT supports the stand-alone local area network for the FACE-IT program and the detention computer lab for a total of 28 computers, a file server, and 2 network printers. JIT staff are assigned to both adult probation services and the juvenile complex for immediate local computer and application support. The JIT help desk is located at the Lake County Courthouse to provide telephone support to all staff.