Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)

The 19th Judicial Circuit Court, Juvenile Probation and the FACE-IT Residential Program are conducting Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) Groups. MRT is a SAMHSA Evidence-Based registered program that seeks to decrease recidivism among juvenile offenders by increasing moral reasoning based on the theory that thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes are the primary determinants of behavior.

MRT is used in correctional settings, probation, parole departments, community corrections, diversion programs, substance abuse programs, and drug/mental health/DUI courts. MRT’s cognitive-behavioral approach is structured as an open-ended group setting ranging from 8-12 participants. The youth enter and leave the group at various points in the treatment process as each participant works their way up the “Freedom Ladder.”

Participants will receive educational materials in order to navigate the program. The Juvenile MRT Workbook—How to Escape Your Prison by Gregory L. Little and Kenneth D. Robinson consists of group exercises, with discussions of each step and followed by homework assignments. The juvenile workbook is also available on audio CD.

MRT groups will be conducted remotely via Zoom, for the time being, for youth on Probation / Supervision in the community and on-site for youth in the FACE-IT Residential Program. Please refer to the attached MRT Flyer. For more information, please contact

     Freedom LadderMRT Freedom Ladder 

  Juvenile MRT Workbook
How To Escape Your Prison Book