Effective Practices in Correctional Settings -II (EPICS-II)

Research finds that evidence-based practices are effective interventions in reducing delinquent behavior. Juvenile Probation / Detention Services uses Effective Practices In Correctional Settings (EPICS-II) an individualized evidence-based practice approach, to target current factors that put a youth at risk for future criminal behavior. EPICS-II is a set of supervision techniques used by probation officers and juvenile counselors to help build relationships, increase motivation to change, provide intentional interventions aimed at changing a youth’s behavior and identify and address skill deficits.

               Conversation                                                                     Cognitive Brain
EPICS-II Skills include; 

Relationship Skills
Assessment Skills
Intervention Skills
Bridging Skills
Active Listening
Explaining and
The Cognitive Model
Cost Benefit Analysis
Giving Feedback
Reviewing the Behavioral Analysis
Problem Solving
Effective Use of Reinforcement

Effective us of Disapproval


The Cognitive Model                                                                        Cost-Benefit Analysis

The Cognitive Model        Cost Benefit Analysis

Behavioral Analysis                                                                               Problem Solving

Behavioral Analysis        Problem Solving