Mission Statement

Supportive Statement
The Division of Juvenile Probation and Detention Services supports the mission of the Court by serving a juvenile justice system that ensures public protection from further acts of juvenile delinquency, and assisting in the accountability and rehabilitative needs of youthful offenders.


  • To provide a comprehensive assessment process and continuum of evidence-based interventions for youth and families referred to the division in order to reduce recidivism and increase compliance with court-ordered conditions.
  • To provide a structured and secure environment for youth assigned to detention in order to assure the safety of youth and protection of the community.
  • To facilitate collaboration and cooperation among juvenile justice partners in order to share information, increase professional understanding among participants, and enhance the delivery of evidence-based services for clients.
  • To provide opportunities for employee development in order to enhance client/customer services, facilitate growth within the division, and improve staff competencies.