Program Benefits

The SMAART Program provides valuable data and statistical evidence of Court programs and services that can better inform program and policy decision-making for the Judiciary, Senior Management Team, Court Employees and the Lake County Board and Administrators.

Financial Health of the Court System
  • Reduction of costs - including time, resources, and waste
  • Aligns budget with strategic priorities and goals
  • Documents and communicates the need for resources
  • Provides transparency for resource allocation and project results
Improved Management Control
  • Flexible and responsive to immediate needs (e.g., targets of opportunity)
  • Displays data relationships
  • Assist in internal auditing of programs and services
  • Simplifies communication of strategic planning
Motivated Workforce
  • Improves employee engagement by increasing understanding of how individual efforts contribute to the organization’s higher-level goals
  • Creates transparency in the achievement of goals throughout the organization
  • Professional development plans are better aligned with achieving organizational strategic goals