What is Public Service?
The Illinois State Legislature passed the Community Service Bill into law in 1979. This law created a sentencing option for Illinois Judges to impose a number of hours of free labor as a community sanction for various misdemeanor, traffic and felony crimes. Lake County's program was begun in 1979-1980.

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1. What is Public Service?
2. Who is sentenced to Public Service?
3. What are your hours of operation?
4. What should the defendant do if they do not speak English?
5. Can I get assigned a work site over the phone?
6. Do I need an appointment?
7. Can I find my own work site?
8. If I was ordered public service through the Lake County Judicial System and currently reside in another county or state, can I do my public service there?
9. Can I pay a fine instead of doing my public service?
10. What kind of public service sites do you have?
11. What kind of work is required by the work sites?