CPWhat time does court end?

That depends on the length of the court call.

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1. Where and when am I scheduled to go to court?
2. When is my next court date?
3. Where do I pay court fees?
4. Which courtroom do I need to report to?
5. What do I do if I am very late for my hearing?
6. My court date was yesterday and I missed it, what do I do?
7. How do I pay a fine, file a lawsuit, file an answer to a lawsuit, pick up court forms, or review a court file?
8. How do I respond to a subpoena or to an order to appear?
9. How do I request an Emergency Order of Protection?
10. Is there someplace my kids can go while I'm in or awaiting court?
11. What do I do when my attorney is not here?
12. Who is the defendant?
13. Where can I park while visiting the Lake County Courthouse downtown?
14. Where can I obtain a passport?
15. What office do I need to go to obtain a birth certificate?
16. What office do I need to go to obtain a marriage license and/or copies of my marriage certificate?
17. Where do I file court papers?
18. Where can I get a copy of my divorce decree?
19. Where can I get a copy of a will?
20. Where do I go to get my bond refund?
21. Please tell me how I can access court records?
22. Is there a library where the public can do legal research?
23. If I need to fax something to a judge, where do I send it?
24. CPWhat time does court end?