Who else do I need to inform if I change my name?
You should contact the Social Security Office for a new Social Security card, the Secretary of State - Drivers Services facility for a "Corrected License," your place of employment, credit card agencies, bank and financial Institutes you have accounts with, insurance companies you have accounts with, schools and other locations you have provided your proper name to, the post office, etc.

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1. Who else do I need to inform if I change my name?
2. What state law governs Name Changes in Illinois?
3. I just don't like my birth name and I want to change it. Can I choose any name I want?
4. Do I have to file forms in court to change my birth name?
5. How do I implement my name change?
6. I'm a woman who is planning to be married soon. Do I have to take my husband's name?
7. Can my husband and I both change our names to a hyphenated version of our two names or to a brand new name?
8. What if I do want to take my husband's name? How do I make the change?
9. I took my husband's name when I married, but now we're getting divorced and I'd like to return to my former name. How do I do that?
10. After my husband and I are divorced and I return to my former name, can I change the last name of my children as well?