What is a preliminary conference? Do I need a lawyer for a conference?

A preliminary conference is held with the minor and his or her family in order to determine if diversion from the juvenile court process would be appropriate. You would meet with an Intake Officer for approximately one hour. Questions are asked concerning the minor and his/her family’s home situation, school, peers and drug and alcohol usage. After gathering the appropriate information, the Intake Officer may recommend a Probation Adjustment and may make referrals to agencies such as Family and Individual Counseling, Drug and Alcohol Counseling and Advocacy. If a Probation Adjustment is not appropriate the Intake Officer will recommend that a delinquent petition be filed in Juvenile Court.

According to juvenile law, nothing said in a preliminary conference will be used against your child in court, therefore, an attorney is not required for the Preliminary Conference. However, if a family prefers to obtain an attorney, they may bring one to the conference.

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