What will be asked on an interview?
Questions will be asked to determine an applicant’s qualification for the selected position. These questions will be related to the applicable job description, the educational background, employment and criminal history background, and possibly other facts relevant to the job. Gaps in employment and education background will be explored.

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1. How do I find a listing of jobs with the Courts?
2. What are the general requirements for Court jobs?
3. How do I obtain an AOIC Application for Probation Officer or Juvenile Counselor?
4. If I fill out the AOIC Application and send it with my transcript to Springfield, is that all I have to do to be considered?
5. How detailed do the application and resumes have to be?
6. In general, what is the process for filling a job vacancy?
7. What will be asked on an interview?
8. How is my starting salary determined? Benefits?
9. Are there raises after hiring? Promotions?