In general, what is the process for filling a job vacancy?
After you have submitted a complete application and after the job advertisement has closed, all the complete applications that meet the minimum requirements are provided to the Director of the Division with the vacancy. Normally the Director reviews the applications with one or more supervisors and establishes a short list of those to be interviewed. Sometimes the Directors or their supervisors may conduct phone interviews prior to face-to-face interviews. Most of the interviews in the Circuit are team interviews before two or more supervisors or senior employees and there may be multiple interviews. Once a recommendation is made to the Director for selecting an applicant, the background process starts.

If the Director finds the candidate acceptable, they will call to make an offer conditioned on the physical and drug screening, completion of the background checks, and if for Probation Officer or Juvenile Counselor—the AOIC Certification. The candidate will be asked to call the Judicial Human Resources Manager for further processing.

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6. In general, what is the process for filling a job vacancy?
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