Online Juror Questionnaire & Upload Documents

Welcome to the Lake County online Juror Response option.

As a prospective juror this page provides you the ability to:

  • Complete your juror questionnaire and profile form online.
  • Request a one time schedule change.
  • Request to be disqualified or excused under certain circumstances (based on specific criteria and documentation requirements)
  • Verify your jury service report date.
  • Update/Change your juror Information data
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Jury Service is a vital function of Democracy

It is one of the most important responsibilities of citizenship. Most jurors find their jury service experience to be both interesting and educational. Jury Service will give you an opportunity to see your Court in action and to participate in the fundamental democratic process.

Need More Information

For more information or questions about jury service in Lake County, visit the Juror Information page. To talk with the Jury Commission, please call 847-377-4600 during regular business hours.

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