Juror Appreciation Week

About the Event

Juror Appreciation Week is the Court’s way of recognizing and honoring the citizens who have been summoned to be here during that week to serve, as well as those citizens who have performed their civic duty in the past.

“Our jury system is the best in the world.  Jurors have a great responsibility and play a very important role in the justice system,“ said Chief Judge Mark L. Levitt. This year about 9,000 residents will report for jury service.  “On behalf of the judges of the 19th Judicial Circuit, I wish to express our thanks and appreciation to all those who serve.”  

Signed Resolution 2023 Juror Appreciation Week


Juror Appreciation Week includes:

  • A Proclamation of the 19th Judicial Circuit Judges declaring Juror Appreciation Week in Lake County during the week of October 2-6, 2023
  • A welcome given by Deputy Chief Judge to jurors summoned during the week of October 2-6, 2023
  • Public service announcements in the media thanking jurors for their dedicated service

According to the National Center for State Courts, 95% of all jury trials are held in the United States.