Forms & Applications

Filing Process

There are 4 forms which must be completed for obtaining a Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage. These are located on the Lake County Circuit Clerk's Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage page. They can also be picked up at the Circuit Clerk's office or Center for Self-Representation.
With all 4 forms, either type the necessary information or neatly print the information in ink. The Circuit Clerk’s Office will assign a case number, so leave the case number field blank. Even though this is a Joint petition, one of the parties must be designated as “Petitioner” and the other must be designated as a “Respondent.” 

Required Forms

The Petition for Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage and the Joint Simplified Affidavit must be signed in front of a Notary Public. You should file a copy of your written agreement dividing marital assets, debts and liabilities at the same time you file the petition.

The Judgment for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage need not be signed in front of a notary, but should be completed and signed by both parties before the hearing. The judge will complete the “Entered” line and sign the Judgment if the Dissolution is granted.



The fee to file for the dissolution is $291 payable to the Lake County Circuit Clerk. Cash, money order, or debit or credit cards are acceptable forms of payment. No personal checks are accepted. Note: The fee is subject to change. Please visit the Lake County Circuit Clerk's Filing Fee page for the most up to date filing fee information.
You may make your own copies prior to filing. The Law Library and Center for Self-Representation has two public photocopiers that can be used for a cost of 10 cents per page.