Court Forms & Other Topics

Lake County Court Forms

The Center for Self Representation provides fill in the blank court forms approved by the 19th Judicial Circuit Court at no cost to litigants. These forms are also available at the Lake County Circuit Clerk’s Office, at the Center for Self-Representation, and online at the link above. Please note that the forms available are for common legal proceedings only, such as divorce, eviction, small claims, and expungements.

Reinstatement of Occupational Licenses

Find information about the laws governing a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities to offenders seeking licenses and/or employment in certain occupations.

Request Waiver of Court Fees to Sue or Defend as an Indigent Person

If you believe you cannot afford the filing fee to begin your court case, visit the Request Waiver of Court Fees page for information about requesting a filing fee waiver. 

Additional Sources of Court Forms

  • William D. Block Memorial Law Library & Center for Self-Representation: If you are representing yourself in a court case and need to draft your own forms, there are print practice materials in the William D. Block Memorial Law Library and Center for Self Representation in which you can do research on how court forms can be drafted. These books include Nichols’ Illinois Civil Practice with Forms and the Illinois Practice Series. Ask library staff for assistance.
  • Illinois Legal Aid: Illinois Legal Aid is a non-profit organization that provides information about a variety of court procedures and forms. Search the website for your topic and enter your zip code for specific information for your area.