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Frequently Asked Questions
for the 
Division of Psychological Services

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions handled by our staff. Included are some tips that have been found. They are presented here as questions.

What is Psychological Services?

Psychological Services is a division of the Administrative Office of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit. This division provides a range of mental health services to the Lake County Courts and to individuals on Adult and Juvenile Probation. Services include individual and family therapy, psychological testing, parenting groups and coordination of referrals for community services for individuals on probation.

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Can the general public access services through Psychological Services?

No. Psychological Services provides services only to individuals involved with the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit.

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What types of psychological evaluations does Psychological Services conduct?

Psychological Services evaluates individuals who are facing sentencing by the Lake County Courts. It also conduct fitness evaluations of individuals facing criminal proceedings to determine whether these individuals have the capacity to understand the nature of the criminal proceedings they face and whether they are capable of cooperating with an attorney in their defense. Psychological Services also does psychological testing of Adult and Juvenile Probationers at the request of the individual’s probation officer.

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What other functions does Psychological Services have?

Psychological Services oversees the administration of service contracts with community providers. These contracts provide for a range of evaluation and treatment services to individuals involved in the criminal justice system. Psychological Services issues Requests For Proposals (RFPs), evaluates them and awards contracts based on the quality and cost-effectiveness of applications.

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How can service providers be put on the mailing list for RFPs?

Providers should contact the Lake County Purchasing Department at (847) 377-2929 and request to be put on the Vendor’s List so that they will receives future RFPs.

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