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19th Judicial Circuit > Find it Quick > FAQs for Adult Pretrial Services

Frequently Asked Questions
for Lake County

Adult Pretrial Services

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions handled by our staff. Included are some tips that have been found. They are presented here as questions.

What is a Bond Report?

If an individual is held in custody, the court may order a bond report to determine bond. A bond report provides the Judge background information, such as, residence, employment education, prior criminal record and social background information. The bond report information helps the Judge determine what type of bond to set (recognizance, Pretrial Bond Supervision or cash).

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What is Pretrial Bond Supervision?

After being arrested an individual is provided a bond hearing and at the hearing a judge can order a defendant to be monitored by Pretrial Services while awaiting trial. If an individual is placed on bond supervision he will be assigned to a Probation officer, who will make sure he adheres to the conditions of bond that the Judge ordered.

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How long will I be on Pretrial Bond Supervision?

If you are placed on Pretrial Bond Supervision, you will remain under supervision while the case is pending trial and through to disposition unless the judge amends the bond not to include Pretrial Bond Supervision.

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How often must I report to Pretrial Services?

You are required to make weekly contact is required with your Probation Officer.

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What does having a curfew mean?

A condition of bond could include a curfew. Generally, a curfew is a 6 p.m-6 a.m. or a 24-hour curfew. If an individual is ordered to comply with a curfew he is required to remain in his home during that specific time frame. In order to leave the residence an individual must first get permission by his probation officer. Specific instructions regarding curfew will be provided during the orientation (rules of bond supervision are reviewed) to Pretrial Bond Supervision.

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Can the conditions of bond be modified?

The Judge can only modify conditions of bond.

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What happens if I violate conditions of my bond?

If you violate conditions of bond, your bond can be revoked.

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How can I contact Pretrial Bond Supervision?

You may contact Pretrial Services at 847.377-4506. Our Office is located in the Robert H. Babcox Justice Center at 20 S. County Street, Waukegan IL.

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