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Frequently Asked Questions
Administrative Services

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions handled by our staff. Included are some tips that have been found. They are presented here as questions.

Budget and Finance Unit

Judicial Human Resources Unit

I would like to provide goods or services to one or more Court divisions. How do I learn about business opportunities with the Courts?

The Court purchases goods and services in accordance with the Lake County Purchasing Ordinance. Vendors can sign up to receive automatic notifications regarding specific commodities. Please see the Purchasing Division web site for more information: Click here

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How do I submit a bill to receive payment for goods or services provided to the Courts?

Please forward all invoices to the Court Administration Office, First Floor, 18 N. County Street, Waukegan, IL 60085.

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Lake County is supposed to pay for legal services that I have provided. How do I receive payment for legal services?

Administrative Order 09-39 provides detailed information about this process. In general, please forward a copy of the court order approving the request for fees and an invoice to the Court Administration Office, First Floor, 18 N. County Street, Waukegan, IL 60085.

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How do I find a listing of jobs with the Courts?

All open vacancies are posted both on the Circuit’s website (Employment Opportunities) and through Lake County’s website under “Current Jobs”. The Lake County site allows for submission of a standardized application, your resume, and attachments.

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What are the general requirements for Court jobs?

For Adult and Juvenile Probation Officers along with Juvenile Counselors (Probation Officers working the juvenile secure detention center), applicants must have a four-year degree (BA, BS, BBS, BSW, etc.) from a recognized college or university prior to consideration, have completed an Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts (AOIC) Application, and be on the AOIC Certified list prior to hiring. Additionally, you must be a U.S. Citizen and live in the State of Illinois within three months of hiring.

For other Court positions, the minimum requirements will vary for education and experience but these positions do not require living in Illinois, being a U.S. Citizen, or being on the AOIC Certified list.

All applicants are required to pass an extensive employment and criminal history background check along with a driving history check if required to drive by the job description. A medical physical with a urinalysis style drug screening is required after a conditional offer of employment.

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How do I obtain an AOIC Application for Probation Officer or Juvenile Counselor?

Currently the AOIC does not make their application available electronically. The paper copies can be obtained from our H.R. Office ( map), Adult Probation ( map), Depke Juvenile Center ( map), and Lake County H.R. ( map). They may also be obtained from other Circuits and Counties and many colleges and universities. You must also submit a certified copy of your transcript showing the awarding of the four-year degree.

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If I fill out the AOIC Application and send it with my transcript to Springfield, is that all I have to do to be considered?

If our Circuit has vacancies for Probation Officers and/or Juvenile Counselors, then you should also submit an application/resume with attachments through the Lake County Career Center website.

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How detailed do the application and resumes have to be?

For the Circuit, applications and resumes must be complete showing all jobs and gaps between jobs and educational periods and listing reasons for leaving jobs or educational periods. Internships and periods of volunteering should also be included. All statements and answers to questions must be accurate. You must provide a word picture of yourself allowing us to make an accurate and informed decision as to your qualification for the position sought. Applications for Probation Officer and/or Juvenile Counselor positions and for applications/resumes that list degrees, you must provide a transcript showing the awarding of such degree and not just a diploma. Any material fact that is misstated or any other errors in the application/resume may disqualify the applicant or result in termination if discovered after hiring.

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In general, what is the process for filling a job vacancy?

After you have submitted a complete application and after the job advertisement has closed, then all the complete applications that meet the minimum requirements are provided to the Director of the Division with the vacancy. Normally the Director reviews the applications with one or more supervisors and establishes a short list of those to be interviewed. Sometimes the Directors or their supervisors may conduct phone interviews prior to face-to-face interviews. Most of the interviews in the Circuit are team interviews before two or more supervisors or senior employees and there may be multiple interviews. Once a recommendation is made to the Director for selecting an applicant, the background process starts (see Q5 above). If the Director finds the candidate acceptable, they will call to make an offer conditioned on the physical and drug screening, completion of the background checks, and if for Probation Officer or Juvenile Counselor—the AOIC Certification. The candidate will be asked to call the Judicial Human Resources Manager for further processing.

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What will be asked on an interview?

Questions will be asked to determine an applicant’s qualification for the selected position. These questions will be related to the applicable job description, the educational background, employment and criminal history background, and possibly other facts relevant to the job. Gaps in employment and education background will be explored.

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If I have been offered a conditional offer of employment, how do I find out about the medical physical and drug screening process?

When you call the Manager of Judicial Human Resources after being given the conditional offer of employment, the Manager will discuss the physical, its location, and scheduling. The physical is at no cost to you. The physical is normally scheduled at least 7 to 12 days later due to processing and mailing a pre-hire package that you must have before taking the physical. Physicals are given at locations established by the County’s medical provider and currently there are two locations to select from—Lake Forest and Gurnee. You may not go to your personal physician or any other clinic or hospital.

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How do I find out my starting date after receiving a conditional offer of employment?

When you have called the Manager of Judicial Human Resources after being given the conditional offer of employment, the Manager will discuss possible hiring dates with you. The first day consists of an orientation at the Administrative Office at the main Courthouse in Waukegan and normally these orientations are scheduled on every other Monday at 8:00 a.m. The actual starting date is determined by these pre-established orientation dates and when the physical results are received. The physical results are normally received 2 to 3 days after the physical if there are no problems. The orientation day is your first day of work and is a “paid” day.

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What happens if something is found wrong at the physical?

The County’s medical provider will discuss any problems found with you and may desire to consult with your personal physician. If the problem is related to the essential functions of the job, the County will be notified that there is a problem requiring a hold on the results. This notification will be in general terms such as you might require glasses and do not have them, the urine screening was “diluted” (you drank too much water beforehand) and it requires retesting, or another medical problem was discovered that the medical provider must resolve. HIPAA privacy concerns are strictly observed in this process. You may be found unable to perform the essential functions of the job and then the conditional offer of employment will be withdrawn.

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How is my starting salary determined? Benefits?

Lake County has a Position Classification Inventory established for all County positions and jobs that is tied to a salary grade table. Thus all positions have a grade tied to them that has a minimum starting salary for each grade. Probation Officers and Juvenile Counselors are Grade 10, Secretaries are Grade 8, Clerks are Grade 5, etc. The Circuit currently uses a hiring matrix to reward the candidate with a higher than minimum starting pay rate based on factors such as additional education (master’s degree and above), experience, either indirect or direct (within law, law enforcement, Courts, etc.), honorable military service, internships, and other factors such as fluency in a foreign language. This will be discussed by the Manager of Judicial Human Resources as will the applicable benefits offered and the information will be contained in the pre-hire package mailed to you.

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Are there raises after hiring? Promotions?

Raises are determined by the Lake County Board through its annual budget process. In the past, employees have received raises after their first six-months of employment (Initial Introductory Period) if they have performed satisfactorily. All new employees receive an evaluation just before the six-month period ends. Annual raises based on performance are normally considered by the Board for the first of December (new Fiscal Year for the County). Evaluations are given in the September/October time frame for the period of Sep 1 to Aug 31 of each year and this score is normally used to compute any annual raises given. At the current time, the County is not funding end of Introductory Period raises or annual raises due to current economic conditions.

Additionally, employees are eligible to apply for other open positions that may lead to an increase in salary after their first six months. Our normal practice is to consider new employees for transfer/promotions only after they have received their first annual evaluation. The consideration for transfer/ promotion is competitive in nature. All vacancies within the Circuit are advertised internally first.

The Circuit and County provide for promotions via a Career Path System which requires a certain time-in-service, certain performance evaluations (two or more annual evaluations), and an interview panel. This will be explained fully at the orientation.

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