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Lake County Center for Self Representation

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What is the Lake County Center for Self-Representation (CSR)?
The Center is virtual with some physical locations offering information to people who want to represent themselves in court cases in Lake County. Information and forms are provided for numerous topic areas and available on the CSR website, at one of the CSR Stations located in the Lake County William D. Block Memorial Law Library, 18 N. County Street, Waukegan, Illinois 60085 and in the Lake County Circuit Clerks Office located off of Washington Street at County Street (south side of the courthouse). Paper-based Topic Guides are also in the Law Library with text information, forms and a helpful library staff. The Center for Self-Representation does not replace the counsel of a licensed attorney.
When is the Center open?
The Center is open 24/7 online or the hours that the Lake County Law Library is open, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Also, on the first and third Fridays of the month we are open to 7:00 PM. If you need help using one of the computers to find information, please ask a library staff member. 
Can the staff fill out my forms for me?
No. The staff can guide you to find the materials and forms you need so you can make informed decisions about what you should do, but they can't give you legal advice about your particular case or fill out forms for you.
Can other people involved in my case use the Center too?
Yes. The information you get from the Center is not confidential in any way. All parties to a court case may use the Center. If another person involved in your case wants to use the Center, that person will be given the same assistance available to you.
Is the Center acting on behalf of the court or the judges?
No. The Center is available as a public service to make information and forms available to the public in a user-friendly way.
Are there any time limits on my use of a computer work-station?
We have six computer workstations in the Law Library. We ask you to be considerate of others who would like to use the Center's services and appreciate limiting your use of a station to no longer than one hour. Also, don't forget your local library, many provide internet access to our site.
What if I can't afford to pay the court fees, can they be waived?

The court recognizes that some people are not able to pay the court fees related to filing a claim. Click here to see if you qualify for a waiver.


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