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The mission of the Judicial Information and Technology (JIT) Division is to provide the highest technology-based services in the most cost-effective manner in support of the Court’s mission as it applies to the case processing and management, probation and detention services, and judge and staff learning the use of technology.  The foundation of the division’s services is to establish systems, processes, and solutions based on best practices and industry standards.

JIT consists of a judicial information systems director, one principal judicial technology specialist, and five judicial information specialists, a part-time help desk and two part-time administrative support staff. The division, which reports directly to the executive director, acts both independently and as liaisons for the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit with other Lake County departments, state agencies including, the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, other state departments, and other court technology partners and vendors.

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A Quick Look at the Judicial Information and Techology Division

The Division of Judicial Information and Technology is responsible for all Judicial Information Systems and technology utilized by the courts County and Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts funded personnel. We provide technical support for computers, telephones, printers, fax machines, copiers and LAN/WAN/Mainframe network security. We serve as the department liaison between the County’s Department of Information Technology and the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts. We provide liaison for all Voice, Email and Network accounts. Please call us or come see us for assistance with:

  • All trouble calls and help requests for computers, telephones, printers, fax machines, copiers and network security.
  • All movement, setup and troubleshooting of computers, telephones, printers, fax machines and copiers owned or leased by the courts.
  • Initiating and maintaining network/mainframe security passwords, Email and Voice Mail accounts.
  • Coordinating for the department, all job scheduling, overtime services and special requests relating to computers, telephones, printers, fax machines, copiers, Mainframe and Networks issues.
  • Training and instruction on the use of computerized systems and programs.
  • Reviewing technical questions, problems and errors and communicating them to supervisors. Assisting in resolution of problems and errors where technology is not the problem.
  • Assisting in the planning and implementation of technology within the Courts to meet regulatory requirements or to enable more effective use of their present and emerging technology.
  • Developing and maintaining user and application procedures manuals.

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Our Organization, Programs and Services  

The Judicial Information and Technology Division is organized in the following areas of support and services:

Administration, User Support and Services
Maintains inventories of software and hardware.  Enter and process work flow orders for customer support and project development.  Maintain user login and password database.  Work with Project Development & Support to furnish users with help guides and documents.  Offer primary user support and the first level of help to court personnel.

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Application Support Management and Development
Research, test and install new applications for Courts’ network and users.  Works with Project Development and Program Support to evaluate the needs of the court users and determine best applications for such needs.  Development and apply, data and databases for departments and users in shared network and local PC’s.  Help to write supporting documents. Ensure compliance of license and registration of courthouse software.

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Hardware Support
Research, maintain and repair all desktops, servers, printers, audio and visual equipments, other multimedia devices, phones, PDAs, cell phones etc.  Maintain inventories of hardware for user checkout.  Keep, maintain and build system images & network backups to insure timely restoration of services and data.  Assist and instruct users in safe and effective use of court assigned property.  Maintain a directory of location and type of hardware on and off the network.  Retire old equipment according to county guidelines.  Prepare and deploy new equipment.

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Project Development and Program Support
Design, develop and deploy web based resources and application for public and internal use.  Maintain and edit documents, data, and multimedia for internal and external web pages. Direct and manage vendor resources for integration into workflows and business process.

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JIT provides 24/7 Help Desk support for any technical support such as workstations, telephones, Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf (TDD), printers, facsimile machines, copiers, and LAN/WAN/Mainframe network security and application support. JIT performs work in researching, evaluating, implementing, maintaining, and training in the various software and hardware systems at the user level. In total, JIT is responsible for 363 workstations, 19 laptop computers, 40 network printers, numerous stand-alone printers, and various multimedia devices to include twelve plasma screens, six  LCD screens, three 3M Digital Wall Displays, five permanently installed multi-media presentation podiums, six multi-media mobile presentation podiums and audio/video technology distributed in twelve courtrooms and four training rooms. JIT services and supports the following divisions and personnel:

  • Judicial Operations—judges, court reporters, administrative staff, the compliance unit, the jury commission, the law library, Kids’ Korner, and the arbitration unit;
  • Core Support Services staff—judicial human resources, judicial budget and finance, judicial research, and legal research services;
  • the three branch traffic courts—Mundelein, Park City, and the North Branch Court in Round Lake Beach;
  • Psychological Services and all Adult Probation units—including Pretrial Services; and
  • the Depke Juvenile Justice Complex in Vernon Hills—two juvenile courtrooms, probation and detention services, and the FACE-IT juvenile program.

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In addition, JIT supports the stand-alone local area network for the FACE-IT program and the detention computer lab for a total of 28 computers, a file server, and two network printers. JIT staff are assigned to both adult probation services and the juvenile complex for immediate local computer and application support. The JIT help desk is located at the Lake County Courthouse to provide telephone support to all staff.

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