Administrative Orders

List of Current Administrative Orders

AO No. Subject
22-04 Appointment of Court Specialist Malkamaki
22-03 Authorizing or Approving the Use of Eavesdropping Devices by Law Enforcement Offices and Agencies
22-02 Assignment of Lake County Marriage and Civil Union Fund Trustees and Audit Committee
22-01 Succession of Acting Chief Judge
21-28 Naming of Jurors 2022
21-27 Amended 2022 Court Holiday Calendar
21-26 Amended Family Division Presiding Judge
21-25 Public Service Minimum Wage
21-24 Crime Victims Services Fund Committee
21-23 Security of Bond Court T-020
21-22 Amended COVID-19 Emergency Measures
21-21 Vacation of Social Distancing and Interim Modification of Court Calls
21-17 Election of Mark L. Levitt as Chief Judge Commencing January 3, 2022
21-16 Probate Procedures
21-14 Family Division Procedures
21-13 Juvenile Division Procedures
21-12 Criminal Division Procedures
21-11 COVID-19 Essential Functions
21-10 Court Committees
21-09 Body Cameras and Cameras Monitoring Court Facilities
21-07 Child Protection Data Courts Project
21-06 Text Message Court Date Reminder Program
21-05 Caseload Reassignment Judge Shanes and Judge Smith
21-02 Court Reporter Mogilevsky
21-01 Avon Township Public Member Electoral Board
20-48 Relocation of Bond Court to T-020
20-46 Policy on Local Approval for Issuance of E-Citations
20-45 Temporary Jury Trial Procedures
20-39 Court Reporter Czarnecki
20-38 Associate Judge Rhonda K. Bruno
20-37 2021 Holiday Calendar
20-35 Chief Judge Winter's Second Term January 5, 2021 - January 2, 2022
20-13 COVID-19 Emergency Measures
20-06 Associate Judge Christopher M. Kennedy
20-05 Pre-Trial Bond Reports
20-04 Establishment and Appointment of Court Information Committee
19-20 Appointment of Todd A. Schroeder as Executive Director
19-17 Authority to Hear Felony Matters
19-15 Reappointment of Associate Judges
19-14 Election of Diane E Winter as Chief Judge Commencing January 2, 2020
19-12 Remand, Release, Mittimus Procedures
19-09 Associate Judge Bolling W. Haxall, III
19-04 Firearms Restraining Order
19-03 Associate Judge Patricia L. Cornell