Part 5.00

Part 5.00 Trials
5.01 Counsel to be Present
5.02 Motions in Limine
5.03 Jury Trials-Statement of the Nature of the Case
5.04 Jury Instruction (Amended)

5.01 Counsel to Be Present
All attorneys responsible for conducting the trial shall appear in court at the time any case is called for trial. If any such attorney is unable to appear, alternate counsel shall present an affidavit of the responsible counsel setting forth the reasons he is unable to appear.

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5.02 Motions in Limine
Motions in limine shall be in writing and shall be presented to the Court not later than immediately prior to voir dire examination in jury cases and opening statements in bench cases, unless the Court orders that they be presented at an earlier date. The Court, in its discretion, may consider motions in limine presented thereafter if it determines that the grounds therefore became known subsequent to the deadline or for other good cause. All orders on motions in limine shall be reduced to writing by movant’s counsel and presented to the Court for signature prior to voir dire examination in jury cases and opening statements in bench cases.

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5.03 Jury Trials - Statement of the Nature of the Case
A. Preparation and use. Unless the court orders otherwise, in all jury cases the State’s Attorney in criminal cases, and the plaintiff’s attorney in civil cases, shall prepare and submit to the Court and opposing parties a Statement of the Nature of the case to be read by the Court to the venire prior to voir dire examination. The statement shall include the time, date, and place of the alleged occurrence or offense and a brief description thereof, the name of the parties involved and their counsel and a list of witnesses, occupation if relevant and town of residence, whom the parties expect to call. Opposing counsel may suggest amendments to the statement prior to it being read to the venire.

B. Voir Dire Examination of Prospective Jurors. Counsel may submit written questions to the Court for its consideration for use in voir dire examination.

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5.04 Jury Instructions (Amended)
Amendment to Rule 5.04, Jury Instructions of Part 5, Trials, of the Uniform Rules of Practice, Circuit Court of Illinois, Nineteenth Judicial Circuit.

Any party submitting jury instructions shall provide the Court with two (2) copies of each instruction, typed double-spaced on 8½” x 11” plain paper. One set of instructions shall be unmarked. The second set of instructions shall be marked in advance in the following manner: the party’s designation and instruction number, the I.P.I. number or citation to legal authority supporting the giving of the instruction, and the words “Given”, “Objected” and “Refused”, followed by an underlined area to be checked if appropriate. In civil cases, the plaintiff shall be responsible for providing the court with written copies of the instructions for each juror prior to the start of closing arguments, in accordance with SCR 239(e).
Amended by the Circuit Judges
of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit
this 27th day of July, 2010
and effective immediately.
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