1. Courthouse Security Brief

    In an effort to make the facility safer for all county employees and visitors, the Sheriff's Office will secure all entrances to the building.

  2. Current Juror Information

    Find information for jurors summoned to serve jury duty this week.

  3. Frequently Asked Questions

    Find answers to frequently asked questions concerning jury commission in Lake County.

  4. Grand Jurors in Illinois Handbook (PDF)

    Check out the Grand Jurors in Illinois Handbook.

  5. Juror Information System

    To reduce juror waiting time in the Jury Assembly room, the court has instituted a Juror Information System.

  6. Juror Videos (MP4)

    Watch the "Everything you have ever wanted to know about Juries" video.

  7. Jurors with Special Needs

    Request reasonable accommodations for jurors needing accessibility services in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

  8. Jury Information for Employers (PDF)

    Access the Jury Service Information for Employers Brochure.

  9. Jury Service in Lake County

    Access juror information regarding security measures, what to bring, where to go, and more.

  10. Jury Service in Lake County Brochure (PDF)

    Read the Jury Service in Lake County Brochure.

  11. Lake County Court Complex Map (PDF)

    View the map of the downtown Lake County Court Complex.

  12. Online Juror Profiles

    Complete your juror questionnaire, update your juror profile, and make special requests.