Registration & Course Information

Internet Courseware
The Defensive Driving Course (4-hour) is available online through the College of Lake County Safety Service, to those individuals who have pre-registered and received an Access Code (or Serial Number) and those who have not registered yet, Click on the New Student button to register and create your own Login ID and Password. Only use the Access Code to register the first time.

To register for the online Internet version of the course, handwrite or type "INTERNET" on your Application for Court Supervision (and Driver Safety School) above the Class Location Areas section of the form, mail the completed form, the blue copy of your ticket and fines (No cash or personal checks) to the "Clerk of the Circuit Court " at least 10 days prior to the court appearance date. Your class assignment will be mailed to you with the User Name and Password.


For some courses a Flash player/plug-in is required. This will allow you to play the multimedia content in the courseware. Visit the Flash Player Installation page for more information on how to download this software.