FACE-IT Residential Program

  1. Washington Aggression Interruption Training

    Aggression Replacement Training is a multi-modal psycho-educational intervention designed to alter the behavior of chronically aggressive adolescents and young children.

  2. Cognitive Outreach Groups (COG)

    Cognitive Outreach Groups (COG) is firmly based on the National Institute of Corrections Thinking for a Change Program.

  3. Garden Club

    For the past 5years, the FACE-IT Program has long enjoyed a strong working relationship with the Lincolnshire Garden Club.

  4. Job Skills

    Residents are given the opportunity to acquire part-time employment at local business establishments while in the FACE-IT Program.

  5. Reading Club

    The reading club provides readers with 3 different books to read as well as facilitated discussions of the books.

  6. The Seven Challenges

    The Seven Challenges Program is designed specifically for adolescents with drug problems, to motivate a decision and commitment to change, and to support success in implementing the desired changes.