Juvenile Probation Programs

  1. Social Investigations

    Juvenile Probation Officers provide the court with a complete social history investigation on most cases.

  2. Public Service

    The Juvenile Court utilizes Public Service as an accountability measure for youth who commit crime or are in violation of their probation conditions.

  3. Victim Assistance

    The Victim Assistance and Restitution Program (VARP) works with victims of delinquency that are involved in the formal court process.

  4. Minimum Group Reporting

    Juvenile who are screened as low-risk youth to re-offend may be monitored through less restrictive means by the Minimum Group Reporting program.

  5. NC Positive Community Take Over (PCTO)

    A partnership between the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit’s Juvenile Division and the City of North Chicago was formed in 2006 to address juvenile crime in North Chicago.

  6. Girl Wise Conference

    The Nineteenth Judicial Circuit and the Lake County Juvenile Justice Council continued to partner with agencies in the community to present the Annual Girl Wise Conference.

  7. Jr's Challenge

    Jr’s Challenge provides minors on probation and court supervision with an opportunity to develop a higher level of motivation, self-worth, and confidence.

  8. Adoption Services

    Adoption cases are heard in the Lake County Juvenile Court.