Juvenile Detention Programs

  1. Gender Specific Services

    This program has been focused on girls in the past and incorporated into the agency’s overall plan for gender-specific services.

  2. In-House Academics for Detention

    An integral component of the detention center programming continues to be education.

  3. Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI)

    The Juvenile Division continues to be a state site for programming and the Detention Center actively promotes the philosophy of the initiative whose object is to prevent the inappropriate and unnecessary detention of youth while at the same time improving public safety and saving taxpayer dollars.

  4. Life Skills

    Juvenile Counselors facilitate co-ed life skills groups with the residents.

  5. Mental Health Services

    Mental health services are available for residents in the Hulse Juvenile Detention Center.

  6. Physical Education & Wellness

    The physical education program continues to be a favorite and beneficial part of Detention Center programming.

  7. Spiritual Education Services

    Non-denominational volunteers from the community provide spiritual education to interested youth.

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