Program & Services

  1. Cognitive Outreach Groups (COG) Program

    Since January 2002, the Lake County Adult Probation Department has been offering Cognitive Outreach Groups (COG), which is firmly based on the National Institute of Corrections Thinking for a Change Program.

  2. Gender Specific Caseloads

    The goals of the program are to provide psycho-educational services for adult female offenders, to address prior issues of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, and to provide a 2-month aftercare component to increase participants’ usage of treatment resources.

  3. Group Reporting Program

    Some offenders on probation are determined to be of low risk to the community and less likely to re-offend.

  4. Therapeutic Intensive Monitoring (TIM) Court

    In July 2005, the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit established the Drug Court component of the Therapeutic Intensive Monitoring (TIM) Court and in January 2007, Mental Health Court was started.

  5. Volunteer Probation Support Program

    The Nineteenth Judicial Circuit has partnered with the College of Lake County to provide coordination for both Adult and Juvenile Probation Services.